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    Clan Registration

    Bloodline/Clan Name: Karasuma

    Clan Classification: Clan

    Kekkei Genkai: Genjutsue


    Clan Description

    Dress: Prestigious formal wear(yokatas,heavily embroidered kimonos ect.) aside from the ANBU uniform or ninja attire. They mostly wear white with grey and black accents or Black with grey or white trimming. Their clan symbol is embroidered on the back of their shirts in red surrounded by a red circle.

    Clan Insignia: Karasuma Clan Karas_symbol_by_1purplesunshine-d5vj9ma

    Traditions: The clan members earn red accents under their eyes when they become genin. The red accents outline the bottom of their eyes.

    Clan History: The Karasuma Clan is one of the Noble clans of Konoha. Stooped in deep traditions this clan practically breeds the best of the best ANBUs to serve under the Hokage. Not much is known about this clan, except rumors about the ANBUs they produce are said to perform ruthless interrogations and torture tactics to get an enemy ninja or rouge to spill their secrets. Regardless of their secrecy the Karasuma clan is well known for their specialty in preforming sealing jutsues.

    Kekkei Genkai Information: Deimosu ダイモス (Deimos = Greek for "Fear")
    This Kekkei Genkai is a specialty within the Karasuma clan. This kekkei genkai uses a special type of genjutsue that increases the users chakra flow as well as speed and endurance. The jutsue turns the user's chakra black, manipulating the shadows around the opponent. Preformed correctly the user's entire eye turns a crimson red, as their chakra takes the form of a crow. The jutsue can stun their opponent long enough to take them out.
    Karasuma Clan Tumblr_ma3vbvn2Yl1qmpg90o1_500Karasuma Clan Tumblr_lt1jq32OT21r0a748o1_250Karasuma Clan Tumblr_lzor2t3K9x1r9qppyo1_500

    Oten 黒星 (Black Mark)
    Like the genjutsue before; this jutsue also increases the speed, stamina, chakra and endurance in it's user. It enables the Karasuma clan member to imprint the Clan insignia on to any part of the opponent's body. Upon imprint the black mark instantly does damage to the opponent's limb that the black mark happens to be settled on.
    Karasuma Clan Tumblr_m0tommjKQE1r3knooo1_500Karasuma Clan Tumblr_m0tnz3MRj31r3knooo1_500

    Limitations: The Kekkei Genkai required a blood sacrifice everytime it is used. Once used, the jutsue practically drains about half of the user's chakra and lowers the shinobi's stamina and endurance to the point that the shinobi cannot move. The jutsue is mostly used as a last resort or for a quick kill on missions.

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